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Tutors from the top
UK  private schools.

We ensure that the quality of tuition we offer is as high as possible by selecting the most qualified tutors. We then put each tutor through a rigorous interview process, guaranteeing, as far as we can, that we accept only the best tutors available. At the very least, each of our tutors has attended either Oxford or Cambridge University, and has taught at top UK private schools, such as Eton College, St Mary's Ascot or Winchester College.

Advisor Program

Know every school's admission secrets

Universal Tuition has enlisted the help of insiders at all the top UK schools, both at the student and teacher level. Acting as advisors, these representatives can keep you in the loop of what each school wants in an applicant. As part of the Universal Talks programme, these advisors give presentations on application strategies. To attend these presentations, sign up to our newsletter.

About Us

Universal Tuition takes great pride in all of our past customers, we aim to go above and beyond all expectations, and fulfil every request. What makes Universal Tuition different is the tailored experience, with the connections to make everything possible.

About Us

Our Team & Tutors


Our bespoke online
tutoring platform.

We strive to make our tuition as effective as possible, and software is no exception to this. We offer a tailor-made task management and booking platform for all our clients to use. Through this online platform, homework can be easily set and completed, and lessons, easily booked and attended. We have also set out to find the best online-video calling platform available, through which students and tutors can work on the same documents in real-time, re-watch past lessons, and communicate with high-quality, seamless, audio and video.


Online safety  is our
number one priority

In addition to thorough background and DBS checks, we do our upmost to keep our clients safe. Each tutor is carefully interviewed and has their CV double-checked. The exclusivity of our tutor team ensures that only qualified and distinguished tutors are accepted, further reducing security risks. All online interaction is also recorded and systematically archived, meaning that tutors can always be held accountable for their actions.


How It Works

1. Contact Our Team

The first step is to contact our team. You can submit a message through the Enrol and Contact page, or join a live chat.

2. Processing

We will get back to you as soon as possible after your initial message, and work with you to select a suitable course.

3. Arrange a Meeting

We will arrange a suitable time for you to have a meeting with one of our advisors and outline your goals.

4. Planning

After outlining your goals with one of our expert advisors, our team will produce a tailor-made plan. Alternatively, you can book week by week sessions.

5. Tutoring

Select your preferred tutors who will support your child academically throughout the course.

6. Weekly feedback

As part of our more comprehensive courses, weekly check-ins are offered to ensure progress and address any other concerns.

Universal Talks

Enriching talks from prestigious speakers

Our new branch, Universal Talks, hosts regular lectures from a wide variety of interesting and knowledgeable speakers. By offering lectures for free, we help break down the paywall to further education. Attendees can gain a better understanding of what education means, learn the inner workings of school admissions, and broaden their interests. We believe that education extends beyond simple school subjects, and can be much more exciting than memorising and recalling facts; these lectures aim to cover what we consider the furthest, most advanced reaches of education.


Our Latest News & Updates


Common Entrance Preparation

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Interview Questions From The Top UK Schools.

All the great schools value the interview as a way of selecting the pupils they want to teach, and who can benefit from what is on offer and contribute to the community.

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How to get straight 9's in GCSE's

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Student Case Studies

There are many ways you could measure quality of tuition, and testimonials is one of the most reliable and accurate. But we can do better than just testimonials; our student case studies provide a detailed recount of a few of our students' experiences with us, allowing you to both judge quality of tuition as well as learn more about our tuition methods.

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Our Clients Know Best

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“Universal Tuition's bespoke courses are unrivalled in this field. As parents, they allowed us to take our minds off the stressful process. This is a company I highly recommend to any parent thinking of sending their children to a top senior school"
Charles Aram
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Craig Sams
Lead Developer, Flowbase
Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia.
Simon Lee
Lead Developer, Flowbase

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