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How it works

Finding the right online tutor is a difficult and tedious task. Fortunately, we're prepared to do all the hard work. Now, your children can accelerate their learning swiftly, and efficiently.

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How it works

Finding the right online tutor is a difficult and tedious task. Fortunately, we're prepared to do all the hard work. Now, your children can accelerate their learning swiftly, and efficiently.

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Enrolment Process

1. Contact Our Team

The first step is to contact our team. You can submit a message through the Enrol and Contact page, or join a live chat.

2. Processing

We will get back to you as soon as possible after your initial message, and work with you to select a suitable course.

3. Arrange a Meeting

We will arrange a suitable time for you to have a meeting with one of our advisors and outline your goals.

4. Planning

After outlining your goals with one of our expert advisors, our team will produce a tailor-made plan. Alternatively, you can book week by week sessions.

5. Tutoring

Select your preferred tutors who will support your child academically throughout the course.

6. Weekly Feedback

As part of our more comprehensive courses, weekly check-ins are offered to ensure progress and address any other concerns.

Tuition Plan

Universal Tuition Features


Our Services

Universal Tuition offers premium and tailored tuition for students, with variable pricing depending on the tutor and type of tuition selected. The tuition is either one-on-one, or in a small group depending on your preference. When you reach out to us, we ascertain which tutor and type of tuition would best suit you, for instance, a tutor teaching English at Eton College and a course of ten one-on-one general development lessons. After you have selected the right tutor with the help of our experienced strategists, an initial trial session is arranged so you can meet the tutor and choose a tuition course.


Bespoke Tutors

We defy conventions with our enrolment and tutor finding method. We developed this method in order to find you the best tutors possible, and not just the best, but the best for you. After contacting us, we arrange a meeting in order to ascertain what kind of tuition, and what tutor would be best for you. Then, if we aren't currently affiliated with such a tutor, we notify our expert recruitment team, who hunt down such a tutor, using our various connections. Before and after we process the tutor, with interviews, background checks and training, we check with you to make sure you're happy with our choice. The interviews and particularly, training, are tailored to your specific needs, meaning that after the tutor is ready, they are your 'bespoke tutor'. When your bespoke tutor is ready, your tuition sessions can then begin, and hopefully, they will be everything you need; if this isn't the case then we repeat the process, and make note of our mistakes, in order to learn from them.

Case studies

Our Student Case Studies


Eddie's parents came to us in September 2020, looking to improve Eddie's academic performance and extra-curricular interests.

Within a few minutes of him completing our intake assessment, we had selected the perfect tutor for him to work with. After an initial free consultation with them, which his parents attended, they were happy with the results and asked for a full analysis and roadmap, a service that this tutor offered at a discounted rate. After a few hours work, the full analysis on Eddie's academic and enrichment profile was complete, along with a comprehensive plan for him to improve. At this point, both Eddie and his parents were well prepared to stop tuition and work on his self and academic improvement, but they decided to continue tuition, in order to accelerate Eddie's learning further. After a planned set of sessions, Eddie's academics were greatly improved and he showed more interest in more extra-curricular pursuits, but most importantly he was best prepared for his first school term at Eton College.

  • 01
    11+ Pre-Test Preparation
  • 02
    Common Entrance Preparation
  • 03
    Successful entrance to Eton


Jasmine's parents contacted us in July 2020, having gone through many other tuition companies before us, each of whom had left them dissatisfied. They had a very specific request of a proficient, young, female science tutor with substantial experience.
We immediately handed this request to our trusted recruitment team.

Within two working days, the recruitment team, using a combination of social media, existing contacts and targeted advertisement, found a proficient, young, female science tutor who worked at a top UK Independent Girl's School. She eagerly singed up with us, and after she had gone through our rigorous processing system (involving background checks, interviews and independent statements), she began tutoring Jasmine immediately. Jasmine's parents were especially happy because our recruitment team went above and beyond to find a tutor who was not only everything Jasmine's parents had asked for, but also one who worked at St Mary's Ascot, the very school that Jasmine's parents wanted her to go to.

  • 01
    11+ Pre-Test Preparation
  • 02
    Targeted Science Tutoring
  • 03
    Preparing for 13+ Entrance

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